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Canvas is Voyager's Learning Management System for grades 9-12.

Getting Started

Students and Staff

Claim your NCEdCloud Account

Students and staff log into Canvas via NCEdCloud. If you have never used the NCEdCloud, you must first claim your account. This is only done one time, not each year. Click here to learn how to claim your account.

Log In

The direct link to log into Canvas for staff and students is You can bookmark this! Use the password you just set up in the account claim step. Your username is your UID.


Set up your Canvas Account

Parents do not use NCEdCloud, rather they set up their own Canvas accounts and log in directly. This allows you to see grades and what's going on in classes!

Log In

The direct link to log into Canvas for parents is You can bookmark this! Use the password you set up previously.


Google Drive

Google Drive integration with Canvas is available to all teachers and students, whether using a school-issued or personal Google account. To enable it, each user must authorize Canvas to access his or her Google account. To do so, simply log into Canvas, open a course in Canvas, then click "Google Drive" in the left-hand course-level navigation menu. It should be near the bottom. You will be prompted to authorize the app to connect to your Google account. Once you do so, you should see the contents of your Drive listed on the page. You may need to reload.

Submitting assignments

The Google drive integration is a convenient way to submit assignments, but some students miss a critical final step.

  1. If the teacher has enabled the submission type, the Google Drive tab will appear on the assignment submission page.
  2. Click the tab. You should see the contents of your Drive. If you do not, make sure you have completed the initial setup instructions that are detailed in the previous section.
  3. Choose the file you wish to submit by clicking/tapping it. You should see a checkmark by the file name.
  4. Click the blue submit button. You are not done yet! Students sometimes miss the next step.
  5. You should see the file name listed, along with a comment box. When you are ready to submit the assignment, press the red Submit button.
  6. Ensure that at the bottom of the page, you see your submission listed with the current date and time and the name of the file you chose.


Lucidpress is a popular web-based publishing application with Google Drive integration. Students who submit work created in Lucidpress should convert documents to PDFs before submitting to Canvas. Canvas's Drive integration will show the Lucidpress file itself and allow it to be submitted to an assignment, but the file will not preview properly from within Canvas.


Turnitin is plagiarism detection software that is available to VAHS teachers to use in their classes. Students submit work for analysis through Canvas. It does not require a separate login, however each student must have an email address configured on his or her Canvas account. No further configuration is typically required.


Students who have issues submitting work to Turnitin through Canvas should follow these troubleshooting steps.

  1. When in doubt, use Chrome.
  2. Clear all cookies and cache in the browser (
  3. Make sure the "Block third-party cookies and site data" setting in Chrome is disabled. (You want to allow third-party cookies). Path to setting: Chrome --> Settings --> Privacy --> Content settings. See this picture.
  4. If the Turnitin submission box does not appear on the assignment page, make sure the student has an email address configured in his/her Canvas account.
  5. If the student is not able to submit from Google Drive from within Turnitin:
    1. Go to this page:
    2. Make sure the student is signed into his/her Google account.
    3. Search for any app with the word "Canvas" in it, click it, then click "REMOVE".
    4. In Canvas, open any course. Click "Google Drive" in the left-hand course-level navigation menu. It should be near the bottom.
    5. Authorize the app to connect to the student's Google account.
    6. Ensure that the student's Google Drive contents appear on this page. You may need to reload.
    7. If the contents do show, open a Turnitin assignment in Canvas and try to submit via Google Drive.